South African Analyst Drags AKA For Stirring Marketing campaign Towards Burna Boy

The Netherlands, Germany and World Cup finalists Croatia turned into the last enormous hitters to meet all requirements for Euro 2020 on Saturday as the trio booked their places at the following summer’s finals.

Austria additionally endured to the multi-have competition, which commences on June 12, with 16 groups currently guaranteed of a spot at the 24-group occasion and just four spots staying from the primary passing course.

“If not for Burna Boy and his dominance, your career would be over by now,” said political analyst Jamie Mighti to the rapper. Adding, “You were hot long ago during the Victory Lap in 2007 and then you fell, and you fell hard. That’s why no-one was buying your albums, you were forcing people to bring albums. You couldn’t fill up anything, you couldn’t fill up a town hall.”

And this led to an exchange between him and AKA. Check it out below:

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