SexForGrades: Is Hugging A Crime?

Following the embarrassment accounts of teachers’ inclusion in inappropriate behavior with understudies for reviewing them high in any case in the event that they passed the assessment or fizzled.

To review that this mystery was uncovered by BBC media at University of Lagos, before it was identified in different organizations.

Nonetheless, one of the Federal Universities in the nation, University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, has propelled its approach against inappropriate behavior where affectionate embracing among speakers and female understudies is presently an offense with those saw as blameworthy rebuffed harshly.

As per the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Ndowa E. S. Lale, he said the reason for existing is to guarantee that the youngsters and ladies put in the charge of instructors are secured, particularly from shenanigans of sexual stalkers who utilize their special situations to extort or railroad their reluctant understudies or subordinate staff into conceding them sexual favors.


He also warned that any person so accused would be presumed guilty until he or she could prove otherwise under the established rules of fair hearing.

As this new policy has went viral on social media, many tweeted their thoughts; “The sad part of this whole thing is that some university girls offer sex for things less valuable than grades. Such like coke, a plate of rice, a departmental award and so on. But every twitter-activist is here calling for lecturers heads. #hypocrates #sexforgrades”.

“ASUU said absolutely nothing about #SexForGrades. The organization only exists to go on strike when money is involved. Useless ASUU”.

“There is a need to investigate the issues around the subject matter and those lecturers engaging in this kind of habit”, #SexForGrade.

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