Nigeria’s Electoral System Has Failed: Attahiru Jega

Prompt past Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof Attahiru Jega has said the discretionary procedure crosswise over Africa has neglected to dig in great administration in Africa.

Jega expressed this on Thursday at the University of Ibadan, UI, while conveying 2019 Convocation Lecture titled, “Towards Credible Electoral Process and Sustainable Political Systems in Nigeria: What job for Universities”.

He stated, “All over Africa, and for sure, somewhat, all through the creating scene, the discretionary procedure is neglecting to dig in great administration and steady and manageable fair political frameworks because of what can be named as a shortage of constituent trustworthiness”.

He said vote-purchasing, savagery, incumbency powers, and a scope of constituent acts of neglect and false exercises in the appointive procedure terribly undermine its utility as a vehicle for liberal popularity based advancement.

“In virtually all cases, ritualized elections, which lack integrity merely serve to legalize, if not ‘legitimize’, access and control of power into executive or legislative arms of government by people unconcerned with, or indifferent to, the requirements of sustainable democratic development. Hence, such elections do not catalyze, nor guarantee responsive and responsible representation and/or governance”, he said.

Jega said, “a situational and contextual analysis of the electoral process in Nigeria reveals an incredible level of electoral malpractices and thus acute deficiency in electoral integrity, which are no doubt among the major sources/causes of political instability, weakness and inadequacy of the governance process and eroded legitimacy of elected government I the country”.

He said the process can only work, when “most significantly, there is need for all stakeholders to strengthen their constructive engagement with the electoral process, with a view to improving, protecting and defending its integrity.”

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