Meek Mill Speaks On His Outrageous Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is back in the forefront these days after the loss of Juice WRLD to a suspected OD.

During a new interview with Charlamagne,  explained how he had a huge pill addiction and how it ended up leading to his humiliating beef with Drake. [Jump to 43 minutes

I never disclosed. I was taking 10 30 Percocet a day,” Meek said to CTG s shock. “Crazy sh*t. Pop two in the morning, they going to wear off by 4

After hearing this, Meek’s handlers appeared to tell him to shut up.

[The kids] need to know,” Meek justified. “Because some of they favorite artists popping 20 30s on the low, about to die and nobody catering to what’s going on … I had to make a decision with myself. You going to be a high pill-popper or are you gonna be a millionaire boss type. The ain’t mix. I ain’t never seen a millionaire bossed up pill-popper in my life.

Meek then said what drove him to clean up was that his decision making went to crap and he went after Drake by mistake.

If you asked me why I came at Drake, I don’t even really, really know. Everybody be saying Nicki and sh*t, that wasn’t the case,” Meek claimed.

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