Kogi 2019: Policemen, Journalists Flee As Thugs Attack Polling Unit

Police officers conveyed at surveying unit 006, Asuta ward, Kabba/Bunu nearby government zone of Kogi state, fled on Saturday after speculated hooligans assumed control over the unit.

No less than five of the officials got away through a close by shrubbery soon after angry youth encompassed the democratic zone, annihilating political decision materials.

The pace of viciousness has been high in Kabba/Bunu, where senatorial and governorship decisions are holding.

Prior, authorities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) deserted surveying unit 001, Asuta ward in Kabba/Bunu following beating from suspected hooligans.

Voting ended before noon as some persons in the community disrupted the exercise, forcing the electoral officials to leave their duty post.

At units 001 and 006, Asuta ward, Kabba/Bunu, votes were being counted with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leading when some youth started pouring water and drinks on the ballot papers.

Journalists and INEC ad hoc staff were threatened and chased away by the armed thugs.

There were also reports of destruction of ballot papers across polling units in Ijumu local government areas in Kogi.

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