Ex- President slam those behind rigging in Nigeria

Former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has slam on those people that is behind rigging in Nigeria.

He said this on the Thursday 14, When speaking, Goodluck Jonathan put blame on bad politician for undermining the Nigerian electoral process.

When speaking in Port-Harcourt during a presentation, the once Vice President and President of Nigeria accused politians for  grooming boys for political thugs during elections. He said, they send their own kids  abroad for schooling, they send their kids to the best University in the world and start using other people’s kids for Political riot and undermining the Electoral process.

He continued by saying, the wrong people will continue to occupy leadership positions in Nigeria until the voting system is sanitised.

The Former president think introducing a E- voting system will help to resolve the election issues in Nigeria and warn Nigerian to be of good character and stopped being used by bad politician, if we want a better country.

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