Adamawa state governor approved N32,000 minimum wages

Wednesday, November 13, was a day of joy for all civil servant working in Adamawa State as the state governor declared N32,000 instead of N30,000 approved by the federal government recently.

Adamawa state head of service, Amos Edgar, make the state of things known to the Workers of Adamawa state after meeting with Governor Ahmadu Fintiri

“Amos said the approved N32,000 by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri would be paid to workers starting with the salaries for November 2019. Moreso, the Normal minimum wages is N30,000 but our Governor has offered us N32,000 to fulfilled his promised”

The head of service, Amos Edgar also added that the decision to increase the minimum wage was because the governor wanted to fulfil his campaign promise to the people that he would raise their salaries if elected.

We hope the other state governors follow the foot steps of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri and do the same to there workers

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